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24 March 2007 @ 09:19 pm
The Thrice-Named Judas  

The Thrice-Named Judas


Balancing disproportions

and shuffling history along

a 10 kilometer pass that transforms

to a slender necklace


A handful of something


inside a head that spawns

possibilities to barter.


To speak then

into foreign ears so fragile

as to ingest double-edged swords?

An empire bends through mountains,



Snake tongue roads

are wedged in

breasts of rock.

Roaming eyes are mute--

not deaf.

Zephyr stirs in branches.


Calming fear

with ladle-fed truths,

he brings torrents,

deluges, in arrows.

A generation

sucks in a breath,

trips backwards to away.

Immortals veering

left, taste blood spat

of Phocian veins

draining to the sea

that watches, silent.


Recorded as thrice named Judas.

Nightmare. Traitor. Ephialtes.

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k_prufrockk_prufrock on March 25th, 2007 09:16 pm (UTC)
A theme
The number one reason I am so excited about your work: Every poem I get to read weaves together in tone and subject matter with some of the work I have already read by you, and I feel as if I am reading the beginnings of your first book. A future newspaper might read, "A stunning group of violently progressive poems reflecting on the history of Greece, poems that masterfully weave synaesthesia about the inner chambers of the mind, the incomparable Anna King, who has also been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize after the publishing of her very first book, is one of the foremost poets of our day.